Thursday, 4 March 2010

View: The Ultimate Members

Unable to pimp of the fine members of the Too Sexy Radio team to our single ladies a few weekends back, we went in search of the next best thing and came across a team of 6 that would get the job done without us ending up in jail. A team who need no introductions to there skills after you have read each of there bios. The Ultimate Members by Jimmyjane and Kabaret's Prophecy.

The six colorful characters were created by acclaimed artist Jamie Hewlett. Each offers a unique personality and is accompanied by a titillating backstory. So we thought we would give you the black member of the team, Major Maja Flink...

Major Maja Flink
Major Maja "Mother Load" Flink's bomb bay doors are lubed up and primed. One flick of her switch is all that it will take to send her ballistic. She's a cute assed cripple with a cause, after a near death vodka induced mile high pile up over Krakow left her crutch bound and callipered up to her hot little cold war crotch.

If this tail gunning bird of prey has you in her MIG's sights you better believe you're gonna have to go vertical and pull massive inverted negative G before you get her off. Lock, load, stay on target, get your shit straight and keep it tidy because Kabaret's got incoming and nobody's gonna be cleaning up after you Mister. Not Major Flink or any other sonic-boom-boom-baby in Prophecy Squadron either! So get airborne, get in under the radar and let loose the heat seekers on their ass. Over and out.

1 down, 5 to go all to be found at Jimmyjane. Happy belated Valentines...

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