Tuesday, 16 February 2010

News: Secret Wars | Euro League

After 3 and a half years of single battle series locally in over 20 countries, we have decided to try something different and potentially more exciting for 2010... Introducing the Secret Wars EURO LEAGUE!

"When we started Secret Wars 3 years ago, it was influenced heavily by various things from the Marvel comic, to Warriors and Fight Club. After experiencing the team battles around the World and seeing the benefits of this compared to the singles battles, we decided on trying it as a complete 6-8 month series!"

"I have noticed the crowds are more vocal and patriotic towards team battles - there seems to be more at stake and I love watching the artists free-styling alongside each other.... You never know what will come out the other end!" Terry Guy (Founder of Monorex and Secret Wars)

The rules are the same but the structure of the competition and dynamics of the battle are slightly different - check the
Secret Wars Euro League site for full/entry details.


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