Monday, 22 February 2010

Event: Murs 3:16 w/ Guerilla Union | Paid Dues Festival

Now we are not saying that we don't appreciate our American artists of choice when they find themselfs to the UK, but are having difficulty dealing with the extortionate price tag compared to what our state side cousins pay. The above is a prime example. $54... And thats it!

$54! And that includes parking and donating money to charity. Now unless you happen to be in San Bernardino in April, then there is the cost of the flight to add on top of that. So who does the responsibility with on this side of the river; the artist, promoter or us for accepting and paying money to see the artist we love. "When Love is involved, logic goes out the window..." - Dubb'l yoo T

For more information and tickets for the Paid Dues Festival click

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