Monday, 18 January 2010

Interview: GrownSexyFunkyFresh with... JukeBox

Artist & Producer

North London based emerging recording artist, music producer, remixer, and a all round good mutha [shut your mouth]!

Too Sexy 4 Radio caught up with JukeBox to find out what’s GrownSexyFunkyFresh in his world…

Grown | In my life and career being grown – in the sense of maturing – has always been a key factor. I can be a super clown at times due to always being young at heart, but having gained the wisdom on the balance needed, knowing when to focus and see straight, being ‘Grown’ is a great tool to have. I would also say that my music production has also matured like a fine wine, a prime example that quality takes time look at Dr. Dre for an example. I wouldn't feel comfortable pushing out my music that I made a few years ago for the listener to hear and think hmmm (in saying that, some of my dopiest beats that I have now were started a few years ago... So I guess I took my time in making them. Phew, can you say "what a save?!") All joking aside, I have grown as a person, and I have grown musically, my knowledge has grown due to being more active within music industry and the technical aspect of production.

Sexy | Boy! What's sexy to me is the new MPC5000! Jeezz! Erm... Sexy? What is sexy? Who is sexy? Sex to me relates to people so what I find sexy in a female, apart from the obvious, would be having a sense of ambition, knowledge of ones self to achieve their life’s goals. Just don't be singing "Independent woman" and then say "Can you buy me a drink or pay for my movie ticket, and popcorn?!" Ha! Don't get me wrong I'm not cheap but, c'mon son! [Ed Lover] but enough about the women, lets get back to talk about music, and more importantly equipment! MPCCC, Mini Moog, SSL Desk!! *foaming at the mouth like homer*

Funky | "Show me, how you get down, I said swearrrr dooowwnnn!" That's one of the genres [Funky House] that sometimes gets me zoned out. Don't know if I would do a House track, but I may take some of its influences such as the drum patterns, or the BPM, but on the whole not really my bag baby. I say that to say this: Get in where you fit in (cheers snoop) I don't hate on dudes hustle if your more successful in one genre than another, more power to you. Donaeo is an example of that. What's also 'funky' are them James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Jimmy Hendrix joints! When sampling, these old school records can be a driving force in doing something different and creative for me. Chuuch!

Fresh | "Fresh, fresh like I'm wrapped in plastic!" Big Sean lyric, as an artist he's fresh. Bape clothing is fresh, LRG clothing is fresh, Kicks fresh out of the box are with out a doubt are always fresh! A Jay Dilla Beat on repeat is super fresh! What's refreshing is, being able to do what you love for a career and have a support system for your family through that. Fresh, chuuch. (Any of the brands mentioned in this interview want to hook a brother up with some free gear, you more than welcome!)

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