Tuesday, 22 December 2009

News: Mos Def, Snoop Dogg & Lou Reed on New Gorillaz Album

Two and a half years ago Damon Albarn himself stated in the pages of NME that there would be no more music to come from the virtual monkey band known as the Gorillaz.

Jamie Hewlett also agreed with Damon adding that he’s sick of drawing the characters themselves. However, it seems they both have had a change of heart, and have already revealed details of an upcoming Gorillaz album, which will feature the musical talents of Mos Def, Lou Reed, Barry Gibb, Snoop Dogg and even Bobby Womack.

They’ve also even gone as far to tell us the name of the new album, which will be called Plastic Beach. Albarn quotes that “This is the most pop record I’ve ever made in many ways.” We’ll have to wait until March to find out just how poppy it is.



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