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Interview: GrownSexyFunkyFresh with... Lyric L

Lyricist & Songwriter

West London Rapper, Lyricist, Singer/Songwriter, Rap/Spokenword Facilitator & Mentor Lyric L is well renown for lighting up stages with her eclectic live performances.

Her live performances range from Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Jazz through to the warm sounds of Afro & Broken Beat all with a very soulful edge.

Too Sexy 4 Radio caught up with Lyric L to find out what’s GrownSexyFunkyFresh in her world…

Grown | My view of Grown is my understanding of music and its concepts, teaching workshops, and mentoring. Relationships; appreciation of my own personal loved ones, people I respect and hold dear - my nearest and dearest, people whom I feel compelled to help or make their lives beautiful as well. Understanding the reason behind gaining and losing friends and family, looking at other countries foods and traditions, developing patience with people... as they're just only... well, people! The jingle of children's laugher. An adult’s happiness, whether it be through simple words, poetry, rap, spoken word or though composed music. I’ve become more independent and now have faith in myself, my ability, my experiences and my understanding of trust, love and life. Plus I ‘Over-stand’ that I am still learning and growing in what I feel to be the right direction and with all stated above factors, and others which I've forgotten! I have sooo enjoyed the journey thus far, let’s keep on keeping on making it happen through rapping.

Sexy | Other than intelligence, music knowledge, nope, wisdom, having a feel for various genres, closed eyes, smiles and knowing, seeing the patterns in music and Hip Hop history, these are all factors that to me are sexy. Someone that’s able to make me laugh. Being able to draw positive energy from the people I have around me. Bringing joy, peace and goodness to any place that I may be at. Writing creative magic, be it art or sound. Having a vision, keeping it in view. Playing basketball (Very well!). Bald Heads and dark skin; but I haven't ruled out other races - Freddy Ljungberg and Jason Statham will always come second to Morris Chestnut and Idris Elba. And then there are the hips, you know, that area between the chiselled torso and the waist… Damn! Men with braids and neat - stress being upon the word neat - locks, but only if they groom daily and smell like either ‘Amen’, ‘Cool Water’ or ‘Joop’. Only then will I want to lick your face and bite your neck in public! The downside to that one of those dreams though is most guys with braids tend to get their hair done by Ex-Girlfriend’s and Baby Mama’s, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just slightly off the mark for me like a person who makes comparisons of Basketball and Netball. Even with Draughts and Chess, loads of fun, just a different game altogether. Conversations that are spiritual, emotional, thoughtfully deep, imaginational enough to stir me to gasps of amazement, that’s sexy! Those windows to your soul as well as the light of your word i.e. beautiful eyes and teeth. Finally, men who love their Mothers and family and those that have a craft, skill or a passion. I really could go on and on!

Funky | Jazz Funk, Parliament/Funkadelic, George Clinton, guitars, afros. I love live music and the energy it creates and bestows onto the attentive listeners. My personalised electric green Puma boots, as no one else has them! On that note, originals are always funky. Festivals. Seeing B-Boys and B-Girls express themselves through street dance. Eating a cider apple ice-lolly while walking through Waterloo on a sunny day listening to World Music being played. Where is summer when you need it?! And now the negative side of funky; ignorance. Self conceited people. The same people that work hard at making money out of other peoples hard work in an insincere way. People who ‘talk-about-it' but never 'be-about-it'. Those people who try to act professional, but all that they want to do is exploit or just sleep with you. But enough said about the negative vibes.... back to the positive! I love hair - different styles different colours. People who don’t follow fashion but take lead. Yeah that’s funky! Peacock feathers, bright bigger than-your-smile earrings. Co-ordinated trainers and t-shirts for guys in summer. Five colour nail polish; a trend that I thought I started but what can you say. I know I started the blue hair and 1 side shaved look though! Dancing until the lights go on and not caring how you look as long as the move moves you, all funky!

Fresh | Recording, finishing, mixing my album in Atlanta, GA with Daz-I-kue of Bugz In The Attic and BB Boogie's hardworking soul and feeling good about the completed mission. Positive input & support from friends Allison, Severine, Doris, Caroline, Leyla, Dúbb’l yoo T, Leroy Brown, J, Abdul Shyllon, Andrea Clarke & Chocolate, Bunny B, Adam Rock, to mention a few; the nocturnally nourished ones who have kept me whole on a daily basis. Just having great people involved during that time step-by-step and on adjoining projects with Phil Asher, AC Layne, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Octavio Santos, Heidi Vogel, DJ Zulu, Nathan G, Adam Rock of Uprock, Drew Horley, Kevin Mark Trail, Aroop Roy who all remind me of how truly honored I am to know you all. Touring with my 12 piece band. Facilitating AQA workshop’s on Creative Writing & Rap. Taking the time out to do the workshop was a recommendation by fellow artists Bries & Ty, and I have never looked back. Having kept on my mission to have one or more releases in each year. Looking at my music discography type CV and feeling honored to have releases in Gothenburg Sweden, US, UK, Austria, Germany, NZ & Japan. Making some beautiful music contacts all through my written art works and creative efforts – give thanks - as it hasn't all been easy, but it's been good fun. The fresh new amazing feel from performing live with the echo of my dreams through my band, so thanks also go to Aron Ottingnon & Xatone Blacq, John Calvert, Drew Horley, Ed Riches, Louise Golbey, Heidi Vogel, Vanessa Freeman, Kevin Mark Trail, Shanks Pertwain, all promoters, extended band members, family and friends from my music network realms and beyond, its’ always a good look. Stay fresh and blessed with gifted finesse yes!!

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