Friday, 13 November 2009

Event: WK Interacts... How to Blow Yourself Up

At Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles, WK Interact will debut his latest solo show, How To Blow Yourself Up.

"We exist in a time at the culmination of doomful prophecies from various seers and civilizations. Whether or not these predictions will materialize is not relevant to the to the suggestion in the title, this concept is more of an empowering alternative to such a situation.

We are all wired with our own internal detonators, with switches, which activate on achieving a boiling point. The artificial devices provided in the pieces, encourage the individuals, who reach that point, to reflect on their state of affairs which have brought them to the point of pressing buttons.

The primary colours used [e.g. authoritative police blue and dynamite red] are relevant warning signals of alarm, like the beacon from a light house before you run aground on the rocks -to jolt reflections or a second thought of consideration before proceeding. Not only a personal reflection, but on civilization as a whole.

Are you ready for the end or to end it all?" - WK Interact

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