Tuesday, 20 October 2009

View: The 1,474 Megapixel Inauguration

Taken by David Bergman, was stitched together from 220 images taken on a Canon G10 mounted on a Gigapan panoramic imager system.
I think it turned out extremely well (check out the full-screen), owing in no small part to the photographer’s skill, of course, but also the bright, flat light that illuminated the whole scene equally and shadowlessly.

Obviously what most people will do is zoom in on Obama, but if you’re looking to count the hairs on his head you’ll be disappointed; with a wide-angle lens at that distance, you get detail but notdetail; fortunately plain ol’ detail is quite good enough for discerning all the other interesting things in the picture. And considering it’s a picture of probably 50,000 people viewable in close-up, can you find:

Cold-looking photographers crammed onto a tiny platform

Waldo, with his head split in two

Draco Malfoy’s father standing in a center aisle with a green hat

A bunch of media cameras with their lights on, even though it’s broad daylight and they’re 100ft from the President

There’s lots of good stuff. You can’t download the whole thing, though, due to it being waaay too big.


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