Tuesday, 27 October 2009

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With domestic issues weighing so heavily on every American’s mind these days, it felt appropriate to focus our sixth annual photo issue inward. We started by selecting two cover stories that represent seemingly opposing factions of this country—the values of small town America via Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Bon Iver and the hard grind of big city life through South Central Los Angeles’ Dam-Funk—and found more common ground between them than most talking heads and politicians would care to know. For the feature photo story, Peter van Agtmael’s plaintive portraits of widespread citizens and Victoria Sambunaris’ landscapes of geological sites along Interstate 80 create a visual dialogue between man and land and will hopefully leave you asking questions rather than giving answers. And because the future prosperity of the US will depend on the dreams of its newest residents as it always has, we focused our fashion story on first generation Americans and new emigres living in New York’s five boroughs. Not to mention our regular selection of Gen F profiles, including Kris Kristofferson, The XX, Neon Indian, Kurt Vile, Kyle Hall and Warpaint, plus interviews with RZA, Janka Nabay, Andrew Weatherall and tons more. So feel free (because it is literally free) to check it all out, and if you make TheFADER.com your homepage you won’t miss our treasure trove of extras and outtakes from above and beyond the issue.

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