Monday, 10 August 2009

View: BluBlockers

If you watched any respectable amount of television in the late 80s, you'll certainly remember those crazy 30-minute infomercials that promised (and delivered) sunglasses that allow you to see sharper, clearer and with less distortion. And who can forget the mastery of Dr. Geek, that dude rapping about his love for BluBlockers one sunny afternoon in Venice Beach?

BluBlockers have been changing the world of vision for the past 23 years, and now for the first time ever, Blue BluBlockers have come to fruition. To round out this exclusive collection of groundbreaking styles, we are also offering the Aviators in Pink, Green, White and Gold, as well as the Classic Tortoise.

The patented lens provides protection from those vicious blue light rays, as well as equally treacherous UV rays. To put it simply, you slip on a pair of BluBlockers and sunlight is tamed and put in its place. The world is a safer and more beautiful place with exceptional clarity and possibly the most comfortable and universally flattering frames in existence.

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