Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Video: Was your Valentines as good as this?

Loves Me... Loves Me Not - Jeff Newitt (1992)

A suave young man is in love with an image in a picture frame. To find out if the love he feels is reciprocated he picks a flower and, in the time honoured fashion, proceeds to pick a petal off saying `loves me' or `loves me not'. He continues this despite the pain of the flower – but then the emotion of loving or not loving manifests itself to him in surprising ways.

The story here allows for all sorts of things to happen animation-wise. Each time the man picks a `loves me' petal he is treated to something nice, however each time the `loves me not' petal comes off, his fate is a little less pleasant. This allows the film to imagine some humorous things to happen to the man – my favourite being him fighting off his own hand, which holds a gun to his head, as he tries to pick the `loves me' petal! The film builds nicely and it is a good, if predictable, climax.

The animation looks basic at first as it is two characters (including the flower) against a quite ordinary (dare I say – plain!) background. However the more extreme the events become the more the animation comes into play. I felt this justified the decision to keep a plain background as it made the sudden entry of things (good and bad) into the shot that much more immediate and evident.


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