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Interview: GrownSexyFunkyFresh with... Comfort

Writer, Event Organiser & PR

After stamping her ‘Art Without Apology’ style on the poetry scene over the last few years, Comfort has really gone from strength to strength.

Since having her signature piece published ‘Unsatisfield’ is 2008, she is currently working on the humorous short film, ‘Wasteman – The Movie’, writing a novel as well as a new fortnightly short story series, ‘Tantalising Tuesdays’.

Too Sexy 4 Radio caught up with Comfort to find out what’s GrownSexyFunkyFresh in her world…

To me, Grown has so many layers and descriptions; from knowing how to act right, to developing as a person, as an artist and as a role model – the list is pretty long. I’ve grown so much in the past couple of years, that it’s actually quite difficult to remember who I was before I realised that I could express myself publicly through my writing and spoken word. It’s been so encouraging to realise that there are people, other women in particular, who share my anxieties, my opinions and my struggles as a 30-something woman in these warped, modern times. Grown to me, has been becoming more of a lady and not merely a woman… that transition from realising my status and power as a woman, in my relationships, in the corporate world/workplace, in the eyes of my family - especially those of the younger females, and amongst my peers in general. I’ve found it to be a very emotional journey – one that is continuous, enlightening, frightening at worst, but ultimately, educational and rewarding on so many different levels.

Where do I start?! Sexy comes in so many shapes and guises, it’s a beautiful thing! Teeth, eyes, stubble, mannerisms, they’re all extremely sexy to me. The way that a man expresses himself can be sexy beyond belief! I find people who are passionate sexier than anything else; the way they express their point of view or talk about something that they truly believe in, be it music, film, their career, whatever, that does a lot for me! LOL I think my writing is sexy too. Erotic fiction is something that I’ve played around with for years, but it’s only recently that I’ve begun to share it with a wider circle than my own, personal friends. I decided that the world needs more sexiness in it, ha ha, so with the launch of ‘Tantalising Tuesdays’ (an exclusive Facebook Group, open to over 18’s with an open mind and a strong heart LOL) two weeks ago, I take my readers on a short, heated, bite-sized journey of eroticism and escapism. So far, judging by the feedback received, it’s proving to be both popular and effective, so I’m happy and feeling sexier than ever!

Hmmm, what do I find Funky? I guess Funky to me is people with their own sense of style, those who aren’t afraid to be non-conformist and who venture outside of the plain, everyday ‘norm’. I love funky hairstyles, especially Mohawks, locs, funky-locs, crazy cornrows with mad patterns and bright coloured dyes. I like funky make-up too, when women get adventurous and create looks that they might not ordinarily wear. I have my funky moments, but not as many as I’d like to! Also, how could I forget? Funky House music! I used to absolutely loathe it, but for the past year or so, I’ve gotten into the more commercial tunes and have even learnt a few of the ‘Skanks’ (much to the horror of some of my friends) ha ha!!

Lots of things are fresh at the moment – there is so much going on. ‘Tantalising Tuesdays’, as I mentioned earlier, that’s fresh off the press! ‘Rum Punch’ is always fresh, with new, up and coming as well as established artists gracing the stage every month, not to mention the fresh fruit, mocktails and cocktails - the show is great fun, in a fresh and cool atmosphere! MC Grind, the main character in ‘WasteMan – The Movie!’ always wears fresh-to-death trainers when he’s out and about trying to get the ladies ha ha! That’s a fresh development that is underway at the moment and set to bring laughter to the big screen in late 2009 early 2010. Check out the blogsite or join the movement on Facebook to keep abreast of what’s happening next. I’m also working on setting the wheels in motion of my fresh, new PR, Events and Marketing Company which will specialise in promoting and marketing performing artists as well as events, products and services, so keep your eyes and ears open for that!

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