Monday, 17 August 2009

View: Mia and the Migoo - Dir. Jaqcques-Remy Girerd

On a large construction site, in the middle of a vast and beautiful forest, a man is trapped in an underground tunnel. His daughter Mia, a determined and good natured girl, leaves home to travel the long distance required to find him. At the same time, the ruthless industrialist in charge of the project travels with his son to clinch the deal that is going to make him millions. Mia meets a number of creatures called the Migoo. They are custodians of a special tree that resides in a part of the forest and if it should ever be threatened then their lives will be endangered too.

Jaqcques-Remy Girerd (director of Raining Cats and Frogs – LFF 2004) has produced a beautifully made animated film which doesn’t shy away from delivering a strong environmental message but always does so with a good sense of humour and in the context of a story well told.

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